Wacky Record Reviews: Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

So I’m starting up a new segment of this blog called “Wacky Record Reviews” where I will review different records that I enjoy and listen to. But if you would like me to review some specific record that you think I haven’t heard or whatever, comment!

So let’s get started. For this first review I’m going to review Pink Floyd’s classic masterpiece “The Wall”. Released on the 30th November 1973 it is considered by many to be one of the groups best albums (and arguably one of the best albums of all time). The album is one part of a three part art project (the other parts are a movie based on the album and the huge concert that was prepared for the tour supporting the album).


The album is a rock-opera about a rock star named Pink who during his childhood builds up a mental wall which he isolates himself behind from the rest of the world. On the first half of the album we get to follow Pink as he grow up in post-war England without his father (who died in the war) and with an overprotective mother. This combined with abusive and tyrannic teachers at school forces Pink into starting to build his mental wall. As the story progresses, Pink grows up and becomes a rock star and gets married, but his marriage falls apart due to him being so isolated. As his marriage ends, he realizes that he has completed his wall, and therefore he completely isolates himself from the outside world. He becomes mental and has a breakdown in a hotel room before a concert. A doctor is called in that prescribes drugs to Pink and as he performs under the influence of the drugs he hallucinates that he is a fascist leader and that he is giving a hate speech to the audience. His inner voice rebels against him though, and Pink comes to his senses realizing what he has done with his life. He puts himself on trial where he sentences himself to tear down the wall and regain contact with the world.

I think that this album is absolutely amazing. The music is awesome, the lyrics are awesome, the story is very interesting and I can very much relate to it. It’s just a perfect album, though it can be hard to like it at first. When I first listened to it back-to-back, I didn’t really enjoy it at all. I thought the music was cheesy and I didn’t really understand what the story was. But I listened to it a couple of times more and studied the lyrics and every time I listened to it I liked it more and more, and this has made the album come to life in a more complex way than it would have if I had liked it from the beginning. Because I didn’t like it from the start I had to really get to know the album, the story behind it and the characters in it to really enjoy it, making the personal connection that I have with it deeper than with other records. Also contributing to the deeper connection is the fact that I can relate to Pink in many ways, especially as I myself have built my own wall (doesn’t everyone have their own wall?).

So, if you haven’t listened to it already, give this record a chance. It’s worth it, I promise! Pink Floyd is a phenomenal band and “The Wall” is a truly amazing album (once you get to know it :P).


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